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Art Exhibitions


  • The artwork owners are proud to offer this exquisite collection of 31 original works of art created by the singer and performer Michael Joseph Jackson.
  • These works of art are available for sale either individually or as a collection, to investors and collectors.
  • These Artworks have never been replicated in any form, apart from a single high-quality print which will be sold with the original.  The ownership of the Artwork includes the reproduction and merchandising rights.
  • It was Michael’s wish for the Artworks to be exhibited and the owners are considering the creation of an immersive Michael Jackson exhibition in the region, that will generate significant international interest from fans and art enthusiasts. 
  • The owners are seeking an experienced investor to organise a dedicated interactive exhibition supported by memorabilia, previously unseen video clips and soundbites. 
  • To facilitate presentation of the Artworks the exclusive mandate for the Middle East has been granted to AMC Consultants LLC.
  • We welcome enquiries from collectors and investors.
  • Please request a catalogue by emailing adrian@amconsult.me .